The guy observe Ekwefi to take care of this lady, and since he cares getting Ezimna including a son

The guy observe Ekwefi to take care of this lady, and since he cares getting Ezimna including a son

In the long run, We have come to the fresh new conlcusion one to you to definitely section shows Okonkwo appearing compassion toward second amount of time in the newest novel

Nicole can make a legitimate point regarding Ekwefi depicting manliness, however, I differ that the need for brand new encounter should be to reveal that this woman is alot more masculine than simply Okonkwo.

Once i take a look at book, I went back and you will reread you to definitely chapter from time to time, to make an effort to understand it’s definition and you may strengths. The guy doesn’t scold Ekwefi to possess doing something very unreasonable, however, would go to keep the girl protected, which is their jobs as the a husband and a father.

Zero, I wasn’t recommending one Ekwefi is significantly more male than simply Okonkow, what i have always been claiming is the fact simply a typical example of how most other letters in addition to screen strategies regarding maleness. In my opinion that the entire guide and many of one’s characters display screen masculinity, actually Nwoye whom ran up against his dad’s opinions and you can translated over to help you christianity. Which will take courage and you will at all that is a trait of maleness.

We finished Anything Break down, and i also need certainly to say that the newest finish is really sad and you can depressing. I was thinking it had been some ironic one to Okonkwo spent some time working so very hard in daily life to help you recieve the titles he had, and work out a much better lifestyle having himself, after which hang themselves. Including, everything i receive unfortunate try the Commissioner desired to set Okonkwo to the his guide, however simply ponders giving him a section at most when guy who has got done so far inside the lifetime is really worth a great whole publication.

Once the anybody else has mentioned, Okonkwo ‘s the quintessence away from boy

Because this is my first comment, which have only accomplished the original 8 areas of the publication, Excuse me ahead of time having repeated any facts. (I only discover man’s first comments published to make certain that I wouldn’t harm the book for myself.)

So you’re able to comment on Ms. Clapp’s consider-provoking questions, We go along with Angela (within her first remark) we build some thing fall apart owing to our very own tips and you will what we say, no matter if we conscious of it. Pride, stamina, concern, selfishness (as well as the record continues) cause people to perform (otherwise influence) certain matters, one to at first may seem of good use, in the long term keeps really serious consequences and in the end generate anything break apart. Mainly because are normal peoples thoughts, that usually seem to develop over the years, it looks unavoidable you to things have a tendency to actually break apart no matter if. However, I do not consider something always must break apart, nevertheless the likeliness is greatly increased by the external affects that people cannot manage, for instance the Planet’s orbit, the law of gravity, or climate-that produces something falter also. It is extremely noticeable that the individuals of Umuofia have confidence in the latest rainy/inactive seasons and the accumulate off yams in order to survive annually, if in case these elements stop otherwise deviate about standard, one can finish your years tend to break apart.

Regardless if in this publication the alteration when you look at the weather can bring about great problem, Okonkwo’s actions appear to be the factors which can head some thing to fall apart. He could be solid, successful plus manage. The guy and has now admirable faculties, like are difficult-doing work and from nothing and you will a life of guilt (as a result of his dad Unoka) in order to things. But not, which will come at a cost given that into the single-handedly building which lifestyle to own himself, determined to get once the reverse from their dad to, he will get obsessed with manage and maleness concise where the guy believes that “showing passion is a sign of tiredness; the one and only thing worthy of exhibiting is power” (28), distancing themselves and creating weak family relations ties.

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